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Cs6 extended with serial number camtasia studio 8 keygen generator pdf Jul 5, Adobe Audition CS6. But when my Mac copy arrives and I install and enter the serial number will my PC version stop working or just stay as CS5 which I can then use? Welcome Rich, thanks for your comment, and here are some answers for you. So, sorry about that. The crossgrades are more for people who already own the current version and want to swap platforms.

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First of all, I apologize if this has already been answered. I promise I read almost all of the comments, but none of the answers seemed quite right for what I am searching for. I purchased a student copy of Design Standard CS6 from my local campus store. When I installed and activated it on my Windows laptop, I recieved two activation codes — one for Windows which I used , and one completely different code for Mac. With these two codes, can I install and activate CS6 on both my Windows laptop and my Mac at the same time?

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  7. I think I understand about the cross-platform stuff, but I am suspicious about the license I purchased in a good way — did I purchase some sort of volume license without knowing it? There are so many different details to keep straight, between software versions and license versions, can you sort me out?


    To our knowledge, the only licenses sold with both Windows and Mac serial numbers are Adobe volume licenses whether for education or commercial …. My primary computer has died. Assumed capacitor on the motherboard. There is no way to retrieve information from that computer at this point. And it has my CS6 on it. I need to get up and running ASAP for clients. I am working on an older computer, which only has CS3 installed, but even it is asking me to deactivate CS6 on the damaged computer.

    Please help quickly, thank you.


    Comments on “How to Move Adobe CC or CS6 Between Computers, or PC to Mac”, Page 5

    Hello Ron, sorry to hear about your hardware troubles. The only people who can help you deactivate a crashed or inaccessible system is Adobe Customer Service themselves… and using their live online chat is usually the best and fastest way to connect with them. Be sure to have any purchase-related information ready. Once the nonworking computer is deactivated in their database, you should be able to reinstall your CS6 where you want — with up to two systems allowed. Hi do you know if there is any reasons why I would not be able to crossgrade from a Mac version to PC version.

    Adobe Photoshop para Mac - Descargar

    Thanks in advance. Legitimate Adobe software is never sold with a discount that large, so what you saw there is a scam or an error — and trying to validate, register, or crossgrade it would leave you out of luck and quite possibly your money. Thanks but this is from Amazon. I have been watching the Mac version price rapidly decrease over the last week or so and I agree it is highly irregular. I keep checking just in case the PC version does the same. Sure Alex, glad to help. Thanks in advance! Hey Wilko, you would just put the same upgrade version on your desktop as well — in other words, install CS6 on both systems.

    Would be grateful if anyone can help! Hi Pamela, what version of Photoshop do you have?

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    I followed the deactivate directions and copied CS4 onto my new laptop but I keep getting error 6. If so, then for assistance see here for Windows — or see here for Mac OS. If your serial number has been lost, you can also find it in the System Info screen under the Help menu. I was running CS3 on my older iMac.

    Adobe Photoshop CS6 Serial Number

    I just upgraded to the new Macbook Pros with Retina. These new macbooks cannot install from discs weird right? So simply installing it on my new computer is not an option. I tried using migration assistant to put CS3 on the new computer, but when I attempt to open it, it says the license is not valid or something… and that to fix it I have to uninstall and reinstall.

    So…… what do I do? Greetings Becky, sorry for the delay in response. You can use our Adobe Creative Suite Direct Download Links to download the version of software that you have onto your new computer no discs needed , and then activate it permanently with your valid purchased serial number. Sorry if this was already answered. I have an Illustrator CS6, purchased from my university store by my department. Is there any other way to switch platforms?

    So does that mean the Mac license number is not valid anymore? Hello Nandini, thanks for your question.

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    We bought 5 licenses of Adobe Master Collection and want to distribute the licenses from the server to the workstation — is it possible? Nowadays everyone wants to create and edit their very own pictures at each living standard to allow them to make use of this outstanding latest adobe invention for excellent editing. This modern application can be used in each and every field of existence for example studios, graphics designing, film industries, etc. Content-Aware intelligently moves selected objects and adjusts them accordingly using the background or surrounding objects.

    This lets you just drag objects in Photoshop a lot more easily without getting to readjust the backdrop. Just move these to another job instantly and also the background instantly adjusts. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Serial Keys includes a more useful file browser which enables you to sort and manage pictures based on specific metadata.