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In addition, we evaluated its features to find out if it's easier to notate with the program than it is to do so by hand. We also checked whether there are hidden steps to connect input devices such as MIDI keyboards and microphones. As a musician, I have been using notation software for the past 10 years, both professionally and for fun. Although my experience with these programs makes it easy to find and use certain features, I try to approach testing as if it is my first time using composition software.

In the product reviews, I let you know my impressions of useful tools and indicate which features are impractical. When we test notation software, our first step is to purchase each product, download it and register it. As we do, we note how easy or difficult the process is. Once the software is up and running, we connect a MIDI keyboard and headphones to our testing laptop, count the number of steps it takes to start notating music, and monitor the playback.

We found the best notation programs have toolbars you can customize to prominently display the tools you use most often, which can speed up your work.

Our favorite programs have a good variety of instruments in their libraries, including percussion instruments, strings and horns. We then exported the compositions in a variety of formats to check that they were legible and accurate, which is important when you send your scores to other musicians or composers. If you compose complex arrangements for large bands or orchestras, you should consider one of the more full-feature versions of programs like Finale or Sibelius. It has comparable features to the best for-pay programs we tested.

Choose One That Suits You Best

Music Features It is important to choose software that can create more than one style of sheet music. The best composition programs we tested not only create piano music but also make guitar tablature, guitar chord names and percussion notation. Programs that have a variety of these music features allow novice musicians to write and play compositions with little knowledge of music theory. All the products we reviewed let you insert notes by clicking on the staff with your mouse or by using a virtual keyboard or guitar fretboard.

Sharing your sheet music with others is just as important as creating it. All the software we reviewed let you print off your sheet music and export standard MIDI files. Programs that allow you to export your final compositions as audio files make your work easier when you share with people who can't read music. Editing Features When you choose a composition program that has a volume mixer, you can make changes to volume and panning information as you listen to the playback. You can also use the mixer to record the changes as you make them, although those changes only apply to the playback sound, not to the composition data.

There are two important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a MIDI-compatible keyboard to use with music notation software: the tactile quality of the keys and the number of keys. Acoustic pianos have 88 weighted keys, and many digital piano manufacturers have done a good job simulating the feel of a real piano.

Download Music Composer - Best Software & Apps

MIDI keyboards without built-in sounds control software the same as digital pianos but are much more cost effective and portable, and they often have differing numbers of keys. Here are our favorite MIDI-compatible keyboards for music notation software. If you are accustomed to playing an acoustic piano, this is the best input device to use with transcription software.

It only has 10 built-in sounds, but all the notation programs we tested have piano and other keyboard tones included. The downside of using a digital piano with weighted keys to control notation software is the keyboard's size. At 25 pounds, the P is a bit cumbersome to move around. Chord generator, chord finder and scale finder for guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, and more. Turn your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio.

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13 Best Software for Making Music on Windows PC

Shelve those 3-ring binders. Get organized. Download and play something new in seconds. You can even loop a section and play several passes in a row. Your timing is perfect. Played a few notes out of time? Simply use Flex Time to drag them into place. Touch Bar.

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Your music deserves to be heard — everywhere. GarageBand lets you share your finished song easily with friends, family, or the whole Internet community via social networks. Or save your track as a custom ringtone. So whenever someone calls, your song rocks. You can also export your new hit single to your iTunes library, where it can live alongside all your other favorite music and go wherever you do. Launch your global release.

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Post straight to Apple Music Connect and let the whole world fall in love with it. Wherever you are, iCloud makes it easy to work on a GarageBand song. Or when inspiration strikes, you can start sketching a new song idea on your iOS device, then import it to your Mac to take it even further. Learn more. Download GarageBand for Mac.

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