Como hacer alt enter en excel de mac

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Excel Data Validation Guide | Exceljet

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Edit the Active Cell in Excel for Mac

The merging of A1 and B1 into A1 is also done correctly. But, the setAutoSize method fails on this merged cell. The result is that this cell A1 is still squeezed. This means auto width calculation will not always work.

Type accented characters

Well, not a big deal, anyway. It is always nice to have a visual representation of our data, so the chart will come in handy. Excel has a rich set of built-in charts for us to choose from. PHPExcel can tap into almost all of these. The first chart we are to create is a line chart showing the ups and downs of the scores in each game of the Lakers team and its opponent. Creating a chart is a lengthy coding job, even with the support of a library.

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The full code of this process can be found in the addChart1 and addChart2 methods that reside in our classExcel. I will just explain the key steps. A data series label identifies data series by giving it a name label.

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In our case, if we want to show the scores of Lakers and their opponent, we are looking at two labels: Self Score and Opponent Score. Their labels can be found in D1 and E1 respectively:. The constructor contains four parameters:. This identifies the label for the X Axis. Both are from row 2 to row After we have the above 3 critical variables, we can set up the Data Series. In Excel, a data series contains the following information essential to creating a chart:. A plot area contains a layout of the chart and the Data Series. The layout can specify whether the chart shall show values, percentages, etc.

Type the British Pound Symbol in Mac OS X

We can use NULL so that a default layout will be used. The only new parameter in this constructor is the name of the chart. Yes, Mac Air.

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How do I get around this? I read that the eject key was hard-wired and that there was no way to remap it to fwd-delete. The noEjectDelay is also fantastic. Excel also works like a charm now. Hey Gregory-using Key Remap for mac and randomly the f2 will switch back to the cut function.

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What is causing that? The easiest solution: just replace your Mac keyboard with a standard key layout keyboard with function keys. It just works. Do you know how to do this on a MacBook? Not sure how this makes any sense to anyone. Hold the Fn key down, then hit the Delete key and all the cells in the selected range will have their contents deleted. Thank you everyone! These workarounds have made my life so much better!!