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  1. Mac to Mac Remote Desktop Connection
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  4. The trick to remotely installing OS X Mountain Lion on a remote Mac
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Back to My Mac gives you a way to use your local keyboard and mouse or trackpad to launch apps and edit documents on the remote machine. The best thing about Back to My Mac? For those who work in offices, be sure to ask permission to use Back to My Mac and check with your network administrator to find out if the firewall will support Back to My Mac connections.

Mac to Mac Remote Desktop Connection

The Back to My Mac service is highlighted. Check the box to enable it. If so, be sure to follow those instructions precisely.

How To Get Internet Sharing To Work On Mountain Lion (Mac) OSX

Log into the base station with your base station password not your iCloud or Mac password , then select the Base Station tab. When a green status indicator appears, Back to My Mac is turned on. Click Update to save your changes on the base station.

Three Ways to Remotely Access, Control a Mac

The remote Mac is listed in the sidebar under Shared. To control the remote device, select the Mac and click the Share Screen button:. A Back to My Mac control screen, showing the shared screen controls at top. As you can see from the image above, a set of control buttons is available in the pane directly above the shared screen.

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Finally, the Clipboard button provides a way to get or send data from or to a clipboard that is shared between the remote and local Macs. Apple Remote Desktop Back to My Mac is perfect for situations where you may have one or two Macs that you need to remotely access or control.

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Apple has had an application called Apple Remote Desktop for many years that is useful for support. Apple Remote Desktop, with a shared desktop in the foreground. The screenshot above shows that Apple Remote Desktop uses a very similar interface to Back to My Mac when remotely accessing or controlling a Mac, although the way that the sharing sessions are started is quite different.

The best thing about Parallels Access is that once the client application is installed on the remote Mac, it can be accessed from just about any computer — and that means any device with a web browser or any iPhone, iPad or Android device. Remote access of a inch 5K Retina display iMac from an iPhone 7s.

The trick to remotely installing OS X Mountain Lion on a remote Mac

Click the Sharing preference pane in the System Preferences window. You can select 'All users' or 'Only these users. Make your selection. Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

How to Set Up & Use Screen Sharing in Mac OS X

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I recently tried to turn on Internet Sharing for my mac mini, and accidentally hit 'Remote Management' which turns off screen sharing! I have no peripherals - not even a display, but I do have a lot of Apple Laptops. I also tried booting in target disk mode - both machines are running mountain lion, and connected through a firewire cord with a thunderbolt adapter on one side. When I boot my machine in target disk mode I just get the firewire logo bouncing around, never see the others image. Sign up to join this community.

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