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I am moving it to an off site location and won't have internet access. I have had this printer since and it still prints like nobody's business! Sure it's always connected through a router that also provided internet access. Now it's just Tiger eMac and the printer I don't think you have to reset anything. I believe you can just plug the printer directly into the computer with an ethernet cable.

This entry page concerns problems people were having connecting to the printer when using the operating system Snow Leopard OSX Will you let me know if that works? I have faithfully followed all instructions however, when I have set up 'add printer' the computer can not detect the printer - it keeps selecting Generic PostScript Printer. What seems to be the problem? I added a new Ethernet link in the Network System Prefs so it wouldn't interfere with the internet link and reset the HPTN before starting the process. This beats HP's instructions by a hundred miles. Hi Luca, I am facing the same problem.

I followed all the steps, but my computer keeps being unable to detect the printer. Have you found a solution since you posted your comment? Hi Aaron, What additional steps needs to be performed if in step 4, I didn't get my series driver, instead "Generic PostScript Printer"? Of course this only works if you have a JetDirect card. I've tried everything - no luck.

HP LaserJet 2100 Printer Driver Downloads

Guess I'm stuck with 3 unused cartridges. Aaron, you rock! I've spent most of last night and the better part of today trying every trick in the book to reestablish communication I've been a Mac guy since my first in '89, so thought I knew them all. I followed the step-by-step instructions of several other well meaning - but ultimately useless - solution providers including HP.

You are the only one who actually had a solution. Now if you can just work on your SEO so guys like me can find you sooner!


HP laserjet driver | Mac Support

I agree witm Mwave's comment This indicates to me that it is NOT, "hardware", or "Cabling" or "Drivers" rather it is some mixture of router settings, and Apple system settings I'm not sure what the next step in the puzzle is, but this has added a large handful of "edge-pieces", so it's been very helpful.. At least now I have a "Kludge" solution to print stuff in a dedicated printing session, then switch back to "DHCP" to get back to the Internet.. Nice post with great details.

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Can i print plastic business cards by any laser printer? All I had to do was stage 3 and it worked straight away. Aaron, thank you so much. You are an internet GOD. You helped me and it looks like many others fix this problem when both Apple and HP support pages and discussion groups just lead to dead ends. Like others in this discussion thread, my biggest problem was finding you! In fact, I've probably wasted a day or two of my time over the past five years, because every time I change computers I need to hook up the printer, and I have to look for you all over again!

Well, never again. I have bookmarked you for eternity, which is probably how long my dear will last. Thanks again, and keep up the great work. Here I am, back again with a new iMac computer, in December The TN is still kicking!

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Does anyone have any ideas on how I might be able to have my computer directly wired to both the printer and to the internet through my cable modem or router? The problem with direct connection to Comcast Cable service is that Comcast will assign an IP address on the fly and that will prevent the computer from being able to connect to the printer.

I'm using an old Ethernet hub to accommodate connections from both sources. Any ideas other than connecting wirelessly to the internet?

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By the way, the wireless connection seems fine. I'm mainly looking to learn something here and indulge my curiosity. So complex. So backwards. Open the Network control panel and choose Ethernet. It will be of the form xx. Connect it to the Ethernet network. Open Terminal. The "local.

Download HP LaserJet 2100 Driver Software for your Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS.

Your printer will look something like this:? Type telnet You will see something like this: Trying Connected to HP JetDirect Please type "? JetDirect is HP's name for the Ethernet interface card in the printer yours might be different. If you type? I made it because it matched HP's default. The main thing is to be sure it doesn't conflict with any other devices on the network as seen in the arp -a command. Type exit to exit telnet.

HP Printer, Notebook, Scanner Software and Driver Downloads.

Type exit to exit Terminal. Quit Terminal. You're done. I have mac mavericks and HP LJ No longer seen on ethernet. Mac IP How do I get it to work?

HP Customer Support - Software and Driver Downloads

Can you help? First, I would go to your Network Settings, and make a duplicate setting. Then tinker with that duplicate, trying the steps at the beginning of this blog. See how that goes! Thanks Aaron. Unfortunately I am using El Capitan and my printer is very old so I cannot get it to see the printer. So, I was right back where I started. Well, not quite. At least I had the JetDirect card. Only, that wasn't working either, despite my following helpful instructions from around the Web. I finally found someone who had successfully navigated the whole maze for a LaserJet You can read Maria Langer's original post here.

But I'll try to simplify it for you. Basically what we're going to do is change the Mac's IP address so it will see itself and the printer as being on the same network. A better solution would probably be to change the IP address of the printer, but I'm told that requires the HP utility for either Windows or OS 9, which not everyone has. This may be a second-best solution, but it works fine -- as long as you are not using the Ethernet service for anything but connecting to your printer. For all other networking, I use Airport, not Ethernet. If you are using Ethernet to also connect to other computers or the Internet, you cannot use this solution!

According to a commenter on this post, he simply went to Network in System Prefs and set up a second Ethernet service to handle the printer separately. With that, my instructions caused no problem with his Internet connection. Make sure that your Mac and your printer are turned on. You also need to see an Ethernet service listed in your Network preferences panel. If there isn't one, click on the plus sign and add one. You need to know the IP address of your printer.

If you haven't messed with your network setup, then it's probably the default of To find out for sure, you can print out a configuration page by pressing the printer's two buttons at the same time -- the Go button and the Job Cancel button. The address will appear on the second page that prints. If you try too soon, you'll instead see 0. If you have messed with your network setup and for some reason need to return to the printer's default settings, you can do a "cold reset. Keep it pressed till the printer lights come on, then release it at once. If you hold it down another 20 seconds, you'll lose your printer's internal statistics.

Then wait a minute or two, if you want to check the result by getting a configuration page. So, if your printer is at Just follow the steps below and use your printer right away. Before using HP LaserJet printer, it is a must to make sure that the printer is connected to the computer. The list below is the steps to check whether the printer is connected to the computer or not.

It is also important to make sure that your HP LaserJet printer is working or not before printing something. So, here is the way to see whether your printer is working or not. Printing a test page is one of the solutions. You may check it first by following the steps bellow:.