Como quitar zoom en mac

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Zoom or change your document view - Computer - Docs Editors Help

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The scrubby zoom still works just fine via the Ctrl, Alt and Space bar combo, all of which can be done left handed without taking your right hand off the mouse or stylus. With Ctrl and Space bar pressed, I just left click where I want to zoom and then drag. I was reacting on your " if you have large rectangle, and want to zoom in to it's corner, you can't, because it always jumps to it's center". That is clearly not true. And whats keeping you from using the Zoom tool? Yes, sure you can, and you can do this in many ways, but it is question of time and many years habit.

I just think it is wrong to make users change their habits. Because many of them do not change adobe software only because of habits. With that tool you just click and drag a box to frame the area you want magnified. One thing I like about it: the tool is not persistent, unlike the application's other zoom tools where you have to bring up another tool to get rid of the magnifying glass.

With the one shot zoom tool when that new level of zoom comes into view the zoom tool disappears and reverts back to the previous tool that was being used.

The one shot zoom tool is especially handy in CorelDRAW since its other screen navigation tools are kind of cumbersome. Corel has tried to make up for that by including all sorts of other zoom commands long ago, such as zoom to selection, zoom out to all objects, etc. There's a bunch of these commands you can add to custom tool bars. It's possible to map keyboard combination commands, but the user must be careful not to write over other existing keyboard short cuts. I want to zoom where I am on the screen and the program chooses to centre me on the object instead.

This feature is driving me absolutely crazy and seriously affecting my productivity. I am having to literally zoom all the way out - deselect the object - then zoom all the way back in. Absolutely horrific feature, why would I want to zoom into the centre of my shape - it's the points I'm most likely to edit. Hoping this gets fixed soon. Did Adobe eliminate the equivalent of this on the Mac version? I am also hoping they add a feature to disable this. So, so many things they keep pointlessly changing.

It's incredibly frustrating whenever there's a new update. There seems to be some confusion with the original question for some people. If there is any element selected at all, using this keyboard shortcut zooms in or out of only the selected element s. I use that keyboard shortcut constantly and this is annoying.

Adobe should know better than that. Serif Affinity Designer is looking better all the time, as an alternative to the subscription based Adobe model. My complaint is I literally have to take my right hand off the mouse or stylus just to press that combination. That's lousy. I'm not going to use that combination because it is disruptive to my work flow. I can press those combinations with my left hand while continuing to keep my right hand on the mouse or stylus.

Plus those zoom and hand pan tools are not persistent; the previously used tool returns when the "Ctrl" "Alt" "Spacebar" combinations are no longer pressed. That's even better. This is driving me absolutely crazy. When you want to do fine work on a corner of a large object, you happen to have selected, you can't easily zoom on it and it goes to the center of the large object not to where you want it zoom.

Totally useless! I was hoping there is a solution to this, it's driving me mad!! It needs to go away, or make it optional. I need to use eyedropper a lot in my work to pick colors from tiny reference details, but as soon as I select my object and try to zoom on reference - BOOM!

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This is killing my workflow. They've altered the most common command in Adobe illustrator without reason and without a way to turn it off?

Mac OS X: Zoom

Absolutely crazy. I have the same problem. Very annoying and disorienting. It would be great if the original zoom behavior was restored, and zoom to selection was relegated to an option or a different hotkey combination.

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When marquee dragging a frame with the zoom tool you instead are rudely surprised with this annoying zoom to selection. Please make zoom to selection harder to get to, some hot key e. Can we get this to work as before or an option to turn this on in preferences, with the default being OFF.

You atleast did this for the new interface, so we can turn slower more technically unstable "File Newsance" interface off. In agreement with just about everyone else in here that we should at least have the ability to turn this off in both illustrator and photoshop. My productivity has literally been halved.