Mac lion server profile manager error reading settings

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  1. A primer in Profile Manager: Managing many devices
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  5. Error: OSX Web Service “Error Reading Settings” | macmule

Show More. Log in to Profile Manager. Click Device Groups. This will create a new group with the default name, New Device Group. Change the group name to All Devices. Note that the group contains no members. Click the Edit button.

A primer in Profile Manager: Managing many devices

Located and select the Directory payload and click Configure. Enter the server information you used to bind to your Profile Manager server in episode Click OK. Click Save. Select Devices in the Profile Manager sidebar. Give the device a name.

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Enter the serial number for the device. Click the Add button. Note that you now have a device placeholder. Create an enrollment profile Enrollment Profiles are used to automatically enroll devices in Profile Manager. Click the resulting Enrollment Profile menu. This creates a new Enrollment Profile. Give the Enrollment Profile a name. Leave the check in the box that says, Restrict use to devices with placeholders. Turn it back on and configure as needed to restart the service, and this will hopefully clear up any previous issues affecting Profile Manager from working properly.

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  • A primer in Profile Manager: Managing many devices | Macworld?
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This is not an exhaustive list of issues or solutions to Profile Manager-related issues, but it is a sampling of some pretty bothersome and common issues that can occur at any particular time due to a variety of reasons. What other problems and solution have you discovered when working with Profile Manager?

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Share your experience in the discussion thread below. He brings 19 years of experience and multiple certifications from seve He brings 19 years of experience and multiple certifications from several vendors, including Apple and CompTIA. Editor's Picks.

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Beyond the PC: Lenovo's ambitious plan for the future of computing. Straight up: How the Kentucky bourbon industry is going high tech. Show Comments. Hide Comments. My Profile Log Out. Join Discussion. Add your Comment. Only configuration profiles. This means an admin user can easily remove their device from device management. Why anyone would ever need more than two, a "Restricted" and and an "Unrestricted", enrollment profiles. The only option for enrollment profiles is whether or not the computer is required to be in the devices list prior to enrolling.

Perhaps I'd want more if I want a more granular view of the "Usage" of the particular enrollment profile? Bugs I found My trust profile didn't immediately show in the user portal as available for download. In Server. It then became available for download.

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This happens after every restart of the Profile Manager service. My trust profile is named "Trust profile for" but is missing the domain or name of the server. Using Firefox 7 with the admin web interface presented some problems. Active tasks wouldn't change to completed unless I reloaded manually. Safari also had some issues with this, but less often.

When manually importing a plist to the "Custom Settings" section of a profile, you're unable to delete more than one key out of that plist at a time. Pressing shift or command to select multiple items does not work. For example, if you import the Safari plist but only need the HomePage key, you'll be there for quite awhile clicking "delete" on the unneeded keys. As a workaround, write a plist to your desktop with the same name only containing the keys you need.

Then upload that. There is no way to resize the columns in the "Activity" panes in the admin portal.

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There is a lot of available screen space but the web app keeps the columns super tiny. Overall first day experiences A lot of bugs. This was my favorite line from the Apple Profile Manager documentation: To send the URL of the Profile Manager server to a user so they can log in and download the configuration profiles you assigned to them, click the arrow next to Visit User Portal, then copy the URL from the browser window that opens.

I'll leave off with this. Profile Manager's logging isn't so bad. But often it says this: Oct 19 server. I'd really like to know what that is. Friends in cupertino Have you been able to backup and restore profile manager settings from the DB? I've got some bugs to add to your list.

Error: OSX Web Service “Error Reading Settings” | macmule

One of these bugs extends to Lion Server's web service. Let me explain. Do you want to host websites? Do you want to run Profile Manager? Hey John That sounds like a bag of pain. Have you filed rdar's for any of those? Hey Mike, no I never did file any bug reports with the developer program. After the amount of time and research I invested sorting out the web service issue, I assumed they knew about it. I just rolled my server back to Looking forward to have the Web section usable.

Simple question that I hope you guys can explain how to: I read everywhere that it is an easy thing to set policies, settings and behavior of client devices with profile manager. While I find that the build in controls in profile manager are easy to figure out I'm having trouble figuring out how to set up policies that control screensavers, desktop preferences, wallpaper and such. Specifically I am interested in creating a profile that enforce screen saver to kick in after xxx minutes and require a password to unlock the screen.

I want it to be a device depended so all users are inheriting the profile, new and old.